Disobeying A Red Light & Cameras

Here’s quick interview which I recently gave on red light cameras.

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  • I got my very first ticket and it was for disobeying a flagger. He had his sign against his hip facing out and he had waved to the car in front of me to go and I didn’t see any other cars so I thought it was okay for me to go to. I didn’t know he didn’t give the go and I got a ticket for it. It was my first ticket and first time driving. What will happen? I can’t go to jail for that can i?

  • Hi,

    I just received my first ticket of the New Year and it hasn’t been 2 months yet since I started driving in November. Just got my license in July. I sped through a yellow light on a two way intersection at 1:20am not more than 40mph in Kings County. I didn’t know where the cop car came from but the officer exact words were, “did you know you ran a red light and you must have been going at 60, maybe 55, I’m just approximating because even my car shook”. I don’t understand where he felt his car “shaking” due to me. I frankly told him I was under 40 and only do 60 on the highway, where he ask if I was sure. So in the end he gave me a ticket for disobey steady red light and that I need to go to a summon and just slow down a bit more. The violation was 111101 or 1111D1. I don’t know what I am suppose to do now, should I plead not guilty? Will this have an affect on my insurance and license? What would be the cost if I do plead guilty? I’m a recent graduate and have a part time job only, I can’t afford to pay!

    Thanks for any advises in advance!


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