Fastest Speeding Ticket Ever

For those of you stressing out about your speeding ticket, it could be worse.

The fastest known speeding ticket was issued in May 2003 in Texas. The driver was operating a Koenigsegg CCR, a super sports car made in Sweden, and was allegedly going 242 mph (389 km/hr) in a 75 mph zone. The driver was arrested and his sports car was towed.

In my firm, the record-high speeding ticket defended by us was a 200 mph ticket on Northern Boulevard in Manhasset, NY.  Our lead-footed client was charged with exceeding the speed limit in his Lexus but the officer failed to write any amount for that speed. The  Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency, located at 16 Cooper Street, Hempstead, NY, has an unusual policy when confronted by such omissions. It inserts 200 mph as the charged speed because their clerks cannot enter the traffic summons unless some number is added to this field. Its policy is thus to insert 200 mph when the officer omits this information.

Anyway, I walked in thinking I was facing a garden variety speeding ticket and instead was told that my client was charged with a whopping 200 mph speeding ticket. Of course, after the excitement for me of fighting such a ticket, I learned of the explanation of the “200 mph” charge and, more importantly, I was able to get this ticket dismissed as defective (i.e., based on the failure to allege how fast over the 55-mph limit my client was proceeding).

In any event, it is a record (albeit with an asterisk) and, more importantly, was chalked up as a win. Click on the link if you’d like to see what a 200 mph speeding ticket looks like as well as the dismissal slip.Reblog this post [with Zemanta]

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