Finding Parking In New York City Made Easier

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A terrific parking guide called “Park It! NYC: Complete Guide to Parking Garages” makes it easier to find a convenient and inexpensive parking lot.

This guidebook is the perfect solution for hassle-free parking. Park It! NYC’s twenty-four maps and comprehensive coverage of the nearly 1,100 off-street parking garages and outdoor lots in Manhattan helps you easily navigate to the perfect garage for you. Learn from an insider who has visited each garage three times – how much to tip, why rates change, and where to find a safe garage.

Twenty-four maps include location with entrance and exit arrows, neighborhood names, street direction arrows, landmarks, hospitals, car washes, and gas stations.

Listings for the 100,000 spaces include address, entrance and exit information, phone number, garage name, hourly rates, special morning, evening and weekend rates, holiday and event rates, oversized vehicle surcharges, discounts for local retailers, hours of operation, indoor or outdoor, valet or self-parking, capacity, credit cards taken, clearance height, if elevators are used to transport cars, notes on the entrance and driveway, and much more!

Plus, an entire chapter of hints and tips on Congestion Pricing, Trends in Parking, Avoiding Extra Charges, Picking a Garage, and other valuable information to making parking easier.

Also, available are really cool Gas Station maps and NYC Highway Entrances & Exits maps.

To learn more or purchase this book or maps, visit

Author’s Note: I do not own any part of this guide nor do I have an financial interest in its success. I do recognize a helpful and worthwhile product, however.

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  • Matt,

    Thanks for the heads up. Great product! I can’t get from my living room to my bedroom without a GPS, so “Park It! NYC…” is the perfect match for me. When I schedule a business meeting in NYC, the guide allows me to plan ahead for parking; rather than running around looking for off street parking.

    I pull into the garage, park my car and there’s no surprises. I know the charges in advance. The guide is chock full of useful information at a very reasonable price. Allows me to focus on my meeting rather than parking logistics.

    GPS and “Park It! NYC…”, I won’t leave home without them.


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