Funny Traffic Anecdote, Part II

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We had a client come into the office the other day who appeared to be a regular guy. He asked a lot of questions but it was not until he posed the following query did my antennas go up:Client: If I hire you to fight my ticket, can the police make it worse for me?

Me: (Suspicious) Well, perhaps you should tell me exactly what happened during the car stop.

Client: I crossed over the double yellow line to pass a slow moving vehicle, and the officer pulled me over for unsafe passing.

Me: What happened when the officer approached your car?

Client: Well, um, well, I was naked at the time.

Me: (Without hesitating or cracking a smile) This sounds like a case which we will NOT want to take to trial.

Client: Why not?

Me: Because the officer will most definitely remember this case.

Client: You think? I was IN my car (indicating his lower body was not readily visible sitting down in the driver’s seat).

Me: Oh yes. By the way, you should know that it is illegal to drive naked.

Client: But he really couldn’t see anything until he stopped me.

Me: You are considered indecently exposed if your naked body is visible in plain view.

Client: Oooooh.

Me: That will be $500.

(We are equal opportunity law firm — i.e., accept fees from even the pocket-less).

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