Funny Traffic Anecdote, Part I

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I was pulled over on the shoulder of the Eastbound side of the Long Island Expressway. The discussion went as follows:

Officer: Do you know that you were going 85 mph?

Me: Yeah, but a really good song was playing?

Officer: But you were also weaving in and out of traffic. Why were you driving this way?

Me: I always drive this way.

Officer: License and registration.

Me: (After observing officer disregarding his own safety by ignoring fast, nearby traffic in right lane) You should be more careful.

Officer: Why (defensively)?!?

Me: There are cars and trucks passing so close to you.  You could get hurt.

Officer: Wait here.

(5 minutes later).

Officer; I am only giving you a warning. Please be more careful in the future.

Lesson:  Watching out for an officer’s well being can get you out of a ticket (even if you are a wise-cracking, reckless driver).

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