A Cost-Less Way To Make Your Business Remarkable

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Question: How does an ordinary diner get people to line up to pay $20 for a hamburger? Actually, I should add how does a diner do this without costing themselves any additional monies?

Well, Ellen’s Stardust Diner located at 1650 Broadway in Manhattan has figured it out. They get diners to line up and pay exorbitant fees for ordinary diner food by offering something of value which costs them nothing. Indeed, not only does it cost them nothing but they actually have the people which provide the extra value lining up themselves to provide it.

So what do they do?  At Ellen’s would-be actors and actresses sing Broadway tunes for the patrons while serving milk shakes and fries. For the one-time cost of an AV system, the owners of Ellen’s have transformed the diner experience to a fun, “you got to check it out” restaurant. Of course, creating this concept in the heart of the theater district is a perfect fit as targets  theater-goers (i.e., lovers of show tunes and music).

On the other side of the equation, the waiters and waitresses are eager for this gig because it allows them to sing “on Broadway”, practice their craft and perhaps be found. Indeed, many former staff at Ellen’s have made it to the Great White Way. It therefore costs Ellen’s nothing to create a unique experience for which diners are willing to pay a premium.

As you work on you business, try and figure out what you can offer for little or no costs which transforms your business into a remarkable, wait-on-line type of business.

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