Having A Theme Is Fun & Re-Enforces Your Goals

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I recently attended a business presentation on goal setting and execution. It was given by Patrick Thean of Gazelles.com. A great tip Patrick shared was to break the year up into quarters and have one overriding goal for each quarter. He further recommended to create a theme for the quarter which matches your goal.

You may recall that a recently wrote a post titled “Up, Up And Away!” where I discuss our recent initiative to upgrade our technology. Our goal for this quarter is to integrate the new systems by the end of this year and our them is “Into the clouds”.

I therefore went out of my way to locate balloons shaped like clouds. After searching online, I settled on balloons which said “I love cloud” and wrote by hand “computing”. I bought three of them and put them out in our office.

The balloons are supposed to be visual reminders of our quarterly goal and provide a fun way to remind our team of the importance of this initiative.

What is your goal for the quarter and can you make a fun theme around it?

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