Lawyer Gets In Big Trouble After Lying About Speeding Ticket

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Some motorists will go to great lengths to beat a traffic ticket. However, this story is over-the-top (in a bad way).

A Queens lawyer claimed that a New Jersey trooper used an anti-Semitic slur during a traffic stop. The attorney, Elliott Dear, an Orthodox Jew, was pulled over in 2007 while allegedly speeding 84/55 mph.

A few days later, Dear sent a letter to the court saying the trooper used the ethic slur against him, and that “this prejudice obviously was the cause for the ticket.” He repeated the claim in an interview with investigators.

Unfortunately for Dear, the traffic stop was video-taped and the recording fully exonerated the trooper. The trooper did nothing wrong.

Dear is now suspended from the practice of law for six months, and needless to say his speeding “defense” did not work. While often recommend fighting your traffic tickets, this is clearly not the way.

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