Legislature Continues To "Tax" New York's Motorists

Continuing a long standing practice, the New York Legislature approved a budget with a slew of higher fees affecting New York’s motorists.

Fee hikes include a roughly 25% increase in the average car registration fee (from $44 to $53), a 25% increase in the cost of renewing a drivers license (from $50 to $62.50) and, starting next year, a 67% increase in license plate issuance fees (from $15 to $25).  These higher taxes (clothed as fees) represent a politically acceptable way continue to penalize New York drivers.

Added April 10, 2009:  I received my registration bill today and noticed that there is a $30 “Use Tax” which also accompanies the $53 registration fee.  I already paid sales tax when I got my car, now I have to pay $30 bi-annually to use it?

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