Foursquare (or Location-Based Updates – Part II)

In my last post, I talked about Ubertwitter and the virtues (or lack thereof) of a location-based status update. I wish I had waited one more day to post because I just read an article on Mashable about a similar service called Foursquare. Addressing the value of location-based services (which I raised in my last post), Foursquare may have cracked the code. Mashable even proclaims it might be the next Twitter.


Foursquare is pretty much what I discussed last time but adds an ability to make recommendations as well as a game component. You send updates but also include stuff like “Best burger in NYC is at Shake Shack“. You only get to make 12 recommendations to ensure you only give your favorites. You also can save 12 “to-do” items which you read from others.

Foursquare’s game component makes it unlike other similar land-based applications. You get points for checking in from the same location with the person with the most points becoming “mayor” of that locale. Your lofty status is only for a week when everyone’s slate is wiped clean.

Unlike Ubertwitter, Foursquare actually provides a reason to include a GPS component to your status update. In other words, your location actually has meaning (as opposed to a superfluous appendage). To read more about this service, read the Mashable Foursquare article.

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