More NYC Red Light Cameras Coming

As reported this week in the Daily News, Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants a red light camera on every NYC intersection. Actually, not satisfied with collecting $55 million in fines and penalties from the issuance red light camera tickets last year, the Mayor wants to increase the number of red light cameras by 50% (from 150 to 225). Fortunately, the New York State Legislature has not approved expanding the program (for now).

As if getting hit with $50 fines per violation, Bloomberg also wants to create a wall of shame by publishing the names of motorists photographed running red lights. With over a million red light camera tickets issued last year, it is unlikely that such a measure would deter the average motorist. In contrast, public figures may not agree.

One thing that no one is talking about is the fine amount. The $50 fine has not be raised since the program was launched. It would not surprise me if this amount is raised.

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  • HI
    My redlight ticket shows and issue date of 3/2011 and just recently received the ticket.
    It’s a year to date, do I still need to pay it? Should I ask for photo’s of the incident?
    Thank you.


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