Motorist Loses License For Recklessly Driving With His Knees

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A British driver lost his license for one year and fined $1,000 for using his knees to steer his Volkswagen Golf.  Richard Newton was caught driving 60 mph without using his hands. Newton even was seen passing other vehicles during this stretch.   Newton was found guilty of dangerous driving despite his claim that he drives with his knees due to back pain.

In New York City, dangerous driving is a moving violation that carries only 2 points and roughly a $150 fine.  Of course, if you try this stunt, you could instead be charged with reckless driving, a much more serious charge.  In New York State, reckless driving is a criminal charge (misdemeanor), carries 5 points and roughly a $350 fine.  Further, you can go to jail for this charge.

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  • I believe that NYS requires that at least one “limb” be kept on the “steering apparatus” so I don’t see a violation.


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