It’s Pothole Season…What To Do

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unnamedThe on-going freezing weather followed by thaws erodes the dirt beneath roadways weakening the asphalt above. Add vehicular traffic, and you now know how potholes form. Potholes account for 1/2 million insurance claims a year including such items as punctured and worn tires, damage to axles and shocks, bent wheel rims, and steering mis-alignment.

So how do you avoid this winter nuisance? Below are five tips:

  1. Scan the road. Actively look for craters and cracks as you drive safely swerving around them. At night this is particularly difficult so slow down.
  2. Don’t tailgate. Leave more space in front of you so you can get a better view of the approaching roadway.
  3. Avoid water. Many potholes fill with water so safely swerve around puddles too.
  4. Slow down. Simple physics, slower hits cause less damage. Don’t slam on your brakes, however, as this will tilt your car forward and put extra stress on the front suspension.
  5. Car maintenance. Make sure that your tire pressure is correct. Over-infalted and under-inflated tires can cause more damage.

Heed this advice to avoid that startling and disturbing sound (and damage) that pothole strikes make.


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