New York Traffic Tickets & Probationary Licenses

Drivers who are 18 or older when they pass their road test (or obtain a license following a revocation) will be on probation for six months.  Probation does not mean you cannot get any New York traffic tickets but it does mean you have to be careful about them.  Specifically, you cannot be convicted of any speeding ticket, tailgating, reckless driving, illegal use of cell phone or electronic device ticket or engaging in a speed contest.  You also cannot be convicted of any two other moving violations during the 6 months.  For a first conviction to these violations during the probation period, your license will be suspended for 60 days (120 days if a cell phone or electronic device conviction).  If you do get any moving violation while on probation, then you therefore want to fight it with the goal of hopefully avoiding losing your recently-received driver license. Read the full article at New York Traffic Tickets & Probationary Licenses.

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