New York “Wins” Worst Driver Award

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A test given by GMAC Insurance on the rules of the road puts New Yorkers at the end of the pack. The national average for this test was 76.2% while New Yorkers scored an average of 70% with New Jersey drivers right behind at 70,5%. Kansas drivers scored the highest on the test at 82.3%. Click GMAC test and rate your own driving ability. The test consists of 20 questions taken from DMV exams.

On a related note, it wouldn’t surprise me if DMV decides one day that New Yorker’s need continuing driver education. It would provide yet another revenue source for the DMV and, of course, improve driver safety.

The current 6-hour exam available is optional but does help motorists with points by removing four and by reducing auto insurance rates by 10%. We recommend the Improv Online Class because it’s the most entertaining (they use real comedians) and they pay us a few bucks for registrant. Feel free to use code “redlight” for $5 off.

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