NYC Cops Stop Writing Traffic Tickets

As a direct result of the NYC ticket-fixing scandal, NYPD officers have seriously slowed down writing traffic tickets. The Daily News reports that city-wide 22.9% less traffic tickets are being issued last month compared to July 2010 (52,159 moving violations versus 67,649 last year).

A new police policy tied to the scandal is encouraging officers to simply issue warnings (and even look the other way) rather than issuing traffic tickets. The policy docks officers 10 days of vacation time if he or she makes a mistake issuing a ticket or in testifying. Ouch!

Internal Affair officers have been assigned to each Traffic Violations Bureau to “oversee” police testimony and monitor their results. If an officer can’t recall a case or inadvertently wrote down incorrect information about a case, he’s written up.

Ten days for a honest mistake is ridiculous. It’s no wonder that cops loathe to write tickets.

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  • Fed up with Fools on the Road
    September 8, 2011 3:18 pm

    If cops don’t write the tickets, who will enforce the laws on the negligently homicidal /suicidal idiots that should be relegated to walking and public transportation only? Not everyone issued a ticket is innocent, and certainly not nearly anyone who should get a ticket, does get one.

    Traffic laws are not taken seriously, and now they are not even enforced. If cars were guns, we would all be dead. They are no less deadly in the hands of the careless, negligent, drunk, idiotic, and imbecilic fools that think that their God given ability to flex their right ankle bestows some kind of right to something that they don’t have any business operating.

    Now the politics of police criminality, and its “Rank” have reached the level of the general public’s aptitude for driving, an all time low.

    • Fed up with Fools On The Road,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You make some good points especially that some drivers fail to take the traffic laws seriously.


      Matthew Weiss

  • Wow, that’s music to my years! I think those gentlemen in police uniforms have other, more important things to do other than writing tickets, such as catching a thief, or stopping an armed robbery. Their efforts should be more directed to serious felonies.

    • This is what a mayor of one CA town north of Sacramento did but not entirely. Instead of concnetrating on writing tickets, the police reduce traffic accidents and violations in an ‘engineering’ way. This should be the way in the first place. Of course, who does not know these exercises are purely economically driven!


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