NYC Creates Slow Zones

After piloting the “Slow Zone” project in the Claremont section of the Bronx, New York City expanded the program this week by adding 13 new “slow zone” locations.  In these areas, the speed limit reduces from 30 mph to 20 mph and adds safety measures (like speed bumps and pavement markings).  The ultimate goals of the program are to lower the frequency and severity of accidents, and reduce cut-through traffic and noise in residential neighborhoods.

Outside of school zones, there are very few stretches of roadway that carry such a low speed limit.  So drivers will clearly have to re-calibrate their behavior for these areas.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated that the slow zones are part of an  “assault on the number one traffic killer: speeding.”  You therefore can guess that these areas will be regularly enforced by the NYPD.  With only a 20 mph limit, it will not be hard for police officers to identify and ticket speeding vehicles in these areas.

Below is a list of the NYC slow zone areas:

Bronx: Claremont. Eden, Baychester, Eastchester and Riverdale

Brooklyn: Boerum Hill

Manhattan: Inwood (in Northern Manhattan)

Queens: Corona, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights/East Elmhurst and Auburndale

Staten Island: New Brighton/St. George, Dongan Hills and Rosebank

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