NYC Muni Meter Tip

This one is courtesy of my friend Margot Tohn of Park It Guides?  New York City Muni-Meter spaces do not specify a particular location where you have to park, you can pay for time at one meter and use it on any other street in the city with muni-meter parking.
Muni-Meters may accept credit cards, coins, or the NYC Parking Card.  This trick excludes muni-meter lots and garages.

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  • i was given a parking ticket while getting the receipt from the muni meter. the summons was printed in the 49th minute of the hour and the my muni meter receipt was timed in the 50th miniute of the hour. Dont i have time to get a muni meter receipt in order to avoid a ticket?

    • Big John,

      Yes, you have 5 minutes grace period. Plead not guilty and send in a copy of your Muni Meter receipt with an explanation. You should win this one.

      Matthew Weiss

  • In regards to putting a Muni Meter receipt on a motorcycle. What if I do affix it somewhere and then someone steals it?? Then I get a ticket for no receipt and have to go to court and try to prove that it WAS there when I parked my bike? There is no way to prove it and even if they let it go, I have to take a day off of work to go fight this? No way. Motorcycle parking should be free. They take up so little space anyway.

    • Mr Lee,

      I appreciate your dilemma. Perhaps, you could tape it to your windshield. Even better, someone should make a device that allows you to display it but not make it accessible to the public. Perhaps, a locking box with a glass front.

      Anyone want to make such a device?


  • Hey, RB—

    I fold the ticket and stick it “near” the handlebars. I’ve never gotten a summons yet.

    Hope this helps. Josh

  • My take is that motorcyclists need to pay for Muni Meter parking, just like any other vehicle operator.

    In regard to displaying a receipt, some scooters have windshields but, regardless, a piece of scotch tape will allow you to affix your receipt in a conspicuous location.

  • I was wondering about muni-meters and motorcycles. Clearly the brain trust that had dollars in their eyes when they were sold on the MM product did not take into consideration motorbikes, which have no place to safely display the receipt.

    So they came up with the half baked idea of affixing a display envelope of some sort to the bike. This seems an unfair imposition, and not terrible practical either.

    Was wondering what your professional take on this matter was.


  • I just asked a TEA today this question and I was told a Muni Meter receipt is only good for WITHIN the same traffic enforcement zone. The zone is printed on the receipt.

    You stated it can be used on any street in the City with muni meter parking.

    Who is correct?


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