NYC Traffic Judge Caught Speeding 70/40 In A Construction Zone reports today that notorious Staten Island traffic judge Brian Levine was clocked on radar going 70/40 in a construction zone.  Levine is the most pro-Police judge in the Traffic Violations Bureau system regularly holding the highest conviction and suspension rates.  Levine was even ordered to take anger management sessions after inappropriate conduct vis-a-vis a motorist over which he was presiding.

At our law firm, we often urge prospective clients to refrain from hiring us for Staten Island TVB cases because it is nearly impossible to win there.  Because Levine raises so much money for DMV through hefty fines, we doubt that this incident will lead to any drastic changes.

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  • judge brian Levine should receive the same treatment he has bestowed upon defendents before him . Did he receive special treatment with his ticket, should I even ask ? The system is only a money machine . Judge needs to be reviewed by the state bar association !

  • Prior to Sept 11, there was a ramp at the Staten Island Ferry where you can pick and drop off passengers. However, one summer day they remove this ramp and put up signs but inadequately. I had photographic proof that the sign was obscured coming from Bay St and he said that the photos were trick pictures, even with 35 mm negatives. I will never forget this case. I even complained to the attorney general and nothing happened.


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