NYC Traffic Judge Ordered To Take Anger Management Classes

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11608962-largeIn July, 2011, I analyzed every traffic court judge in the Traffic Violations Bureau system and concluded that, by far, the worse traffic court judge was Staten Island TVB judge Brian Levine. Well, reported this week, that Levine has issues other than just being overly pro-Police/DMV. Specifically, Levine was ordered to take anger management classes following an unjustified and fever-pitched outburst against a motorist.

As reported, Levine threatened to have the motorist, an MTA worker, arrested if a document that he submitted in support of his defense was found to be a forgery. Levine yelled that he doesn’t trust the MTA and doesn’t “any government agency.” Interestingly, Levine works for a government agency himself … DMV.

Levine has also been accused of doodling during hearings and ignoring the testimony of motorists.

Levine’s record against motorists compared to other judges is shocking. He has, by far, the highest conviction rate and leads all ALJs in discretionary suspensions. Hopefully, his anger management sessions will help him adjudicate future cases more even-temperedly.

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