Police Officer Offers To Drop Traffic Ticket In Exchange For Sex


In the ultimate attempt at “plea” bargaining, a Memphis Police officer tried to convince a motorist to have sex with him and avoid being issued a traffic ticket.

The female motorist reported Police Officer Michael Kearney and now he’s been charged with felony counts of sexual battery and official misconduct.

The motorist was sitting in the back of his squad car while he was issuing her a traffic ticket. He then allegedly made the unique offer while touching his private area.

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  • Oh sure! Except that if one of them breaks the law, all of them get behind him, or even worse, cover up for the wrongdoer. In NO CASE do they ever blow the whistle on him/her. And it’s not because cops have an antipathy towards snitching (every police department relies on a whole army of civilian busybodies), it’s that cops have an antipathy to snitching on cops.

  • Crime doesn’t pay…………unless you’re a cop…….sometimes


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