Prevent Your Teen From Driving Dangerously

I’ve been writing a lot recently about the dangers of distracted driving. So today’s post appropriately provides a solution (at least for parents of teen drivers).

Many parents lose sleep over the safety of their teen when he or she is out driving. Even the most careful teenager can succumb to peer pressure or get distracted when behind the wheel. Indeed, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration has concluded that driving is the most dangerous teen activity.

I was therefore glad to meet John Fischer and learn about his app called “Speedbump”. Fischer was only 16 when he first developed the algorithm for the app. He presented his invention at the regional finals of the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards, an Entrepreneur’s Organization program, in Manhattan last month.

Speedbump’s SpeedSmart™ technology lets parents monitor the driving of their kids.  They can set speed limits on any type of road (highway, secondary or local), and be apprised if the check drives in excess of these limits or if the child is texting and driving.

Speedbump sends an email or text message alert to parents if any of the driving rules are broken. For instance, if the teen driver exceeds 55 mph on a highway, a text message is immediately sent to the parent. Speedbump also sends a daily driving report card to the teen driver and their parents.

Speedbump even provides parents with instant alerts when their child is a passenger in a someone else’s speeding car, or if the child indicates that he or she is in trouble.

Speedbump for Android phones is currently available for free. An iPhone version will be available in the Fall of 2011.

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