Professional Race Car Driver Gets Speeding Ticket Before Indy 500

Professional race car driver Tomas Scheckter was stopped and issued a speeding ticket this Memorial Day weekend, just 2 days before he was to assume the 20th pole position in yesterday’s Indianapolis 500.

Scheckter was cruising down Interstate 65 in Indianapolis, where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, alleged going over 100 mph.

Police also say that Scheckter was weaving in and out of traffic. Rather than receiving a reckless driving ticket or being arrested, Scheckter was given preferential treatment by being issued only a ticket for speed unreasonably prudent, which carries a fine of $175 to $500.

By the way, the extra practice didn’t help Scheckter too much. He ended up finishing 15th in the Indy 500.

In case you are interested, our traffic ticket law firm has represented professional race car drivers, actors (including an Oscar-nominated actor) and Broadway stars. Fortunately, we were able to keep their exploits out of the media spotlight and we are able to obtain favorable results for them.

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