New York’s “Click It Or Ticket” Campaign In Full Swing

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner David J. Swarts recently announced that the state will be strictly enforcing its seat belt traffic laws from May 24, 2010 through June 6, 2010.

Swarts said that the “Buckle Up New York Click It or Ticket” enforcement mobilization is a simple yet effective way for motorists and passengers can reduce the chances of being killed or injured in a crash.

The Memorial Day holiday weekend was likely chosen for this initiative because, last, year, car accidents in New York results in 5 fatalities and over 250 injuries.

In New York, failure of an adult to wear a seat belt does not carry any points but does have roughly a $150 fine. On the other hand, a traffic ticket for failure of a child to wear a restraining device carries 3 points ticket plus a fine.

Please drive safely and always wear your seat belt.

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  • My friend Scott M emailed me: “Why wouldn’t people wear seat belts? While i don’t support fines for forcing people to wear them, common sense would say its a pretty good idea.”

    I responded as follows:

    “Scott M, you are 100% right. I feel exposed when I drive even a few feet without one.

    It’s funny but when the seat belt laws first were enacted, there was a uproar. People complained that their personal freedom was being eroded. That seat belts are not safer for some types of accidents. Etc. Years later you don’t hear any of those grumblings.

    Instead, you just have some motorists who are either lazy or just not thinking straight.”


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