Quebec Drivers with A New York Ticket

We are familiar with the Quebec demerit point system from representing many Quebecois drivers through the years. We, therefore, know what would be the best result from a Quebec license holder perspective. You should only engage a New York traffic attorney who is familiar with your province’s point system to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

Demerit points are used by the Societe de l’assurance autombile (SAAQ) to determine whether to penalise drivers who have been convicted of traffic violations. They remain on your Quebec license for two years from the date of conviction or payment of the fine.

Licensed Quebec drivers who accumulate 7 to 14 demerit points will receive a letter from SAAQ about those points and any subsequent points. At 15 demerit points, SAAQ will revoke your Quebec license for three months as the first time (6 months for the second time; and 9 months for the third time). If you are on probation, your license will be revoked for 6 months for only 4 (or more demerit points).

Demerit points also impact your automobile insurance rates. Over a two year period ending three months before you renew your license, the amount of insurance premium which funds the public plan administered by SAAQ is as follows: 0-3 demerit points $50; 4-7 demerit points $100; 8-11 demerit points $174; 12-14 demerit points $286 and 15 or more demerit points $398.

Remember: A conviction in New York State will transfer to your Quebec license.

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Click here to see a chart of the Quebec demerit point system.