How To Avoid A New York Truck Ticket For Overweight, Overlength or Some Other Truck Violation

This article will help companies avoid receiving a New York truck ticket.

As cities and municipalities around the country look for ways to balance their budgets, more will be relying upon income derived from the issuance of traffic and truck tickets. Businesses that rely on trucks and delivery vans to move their products are particularly susceptible to this trend. Navigating New York’s congested streets and highways can truly be “a ticket to disaster.”

Parking and moving violations are a nuisance, but tickets for commercial vehicles—for infractions including overweight, over-length and unsecured loads—can wreak havoc with a company’s bottom line and its drivers’ ability to do their job. Fines, surcharges and costly delays can be felt for a long time after the original offense occurs.

The following tips can help get your goods to market and your employees to their destinations on time:

· Keep your fleet in proper working order. Keeping a close eye on your trucks and vans and making sure all equipment is in proper working order will avoid police stops and inspections.

· Know your truck routes. When driving around Manhattan and the four boroughs, drivers should chart a course that stays within approved routes for truckers. Make sure your drivers are aware that commercial vehicles may not use New York City parkways. Tickets carry two points for each violation and fines will escalate for your company the more frequently they’re incurred.

· Secure your loads. Make sure loose cargo is secured properly with a tarp or other device or within a container. Don’t dump debris and make sure your drivers know that trucks with flying cargo are an open invitation to law enforcement to stop their vehicle.

· Make sure commercial vehicles are properly marked. Commercial trucks and vans should be properly lettered on both sides of the vehicle and include the name and address of your company.

· Drivers should be courteous. If you or your employees are stopped, be courteous. Abusive behavior is a sure way to “earn” additional tickets. Also, do not volunteer too much information. When the officer asks, “Do you know why I stopped you?” simply state, “No” or “No, but I am sorry to have troubled you.”

If, despite your best efforts, a NY truck ticket is issued, and you decide to contest it, keep in mind that corporations are unable by law to be represented in court by officers or employees of the company. Instead, a NY truck ticket lawyer must be retained to appear on behalf of the corporation.