The Suffolk County Red Light Safety Program involves the installation of red light cameras at up to 50 intersections in Suffolk County. This page lists the locations of some of the red light cameras in Suffolk County.

A red light camera takes photographs of motorists who disobey red lights and then sends them a ticket in the mail and assesses a $50 fine (plus $4 processing fee). Points are NOT assessed for these infractions and they are NOT reported to auto insurance companies.

The registered owner is responsible for paying the ticket and, if remains unpaid, a default conviction and a $25 late fee will be imposed. Eventually, the owner’s registration can be placed on hold for non-payment.


27N / CR112 (NB, SB, EB, & WB)


NY 347 / CR 97 Nicolls Road (EB)


LIE NSR / Commack Road (SB)

East Patchogue

28 NSR / Route 112 (SB)
27 NSR / Route 112 (WB)


LIE NSR / Wheeler Road (SB & WB)


454 / Motor Parkway (NB, SB, EB, & WB)
454 / Suffolk Avenue (NB & SB)


LIE NSR / Motor Parkway (SB & WB)
LIE NSR / Old Nichols Road (SB & WB)
LIE NSR / Ocean Avenue (SB & WB)
LIE SSR / Ocean Avenue (NB & EB)


LIE NSR / Ronkonkoma Avenue (SB & WB)

South Huntington

Route 25 / Pidgeon Hill (EB & WB)

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