Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Broome County, New York

Broome County, New York is located in the south-central part of New York State. The entire county is considered part of the Binghamton Metropolitan area, with Binghamton being the main city here. The county is in New York State’s Southern Tier region and its southern border forms the New York-Pennsylvania state line.

The number of highways that cross through Broome County gives many opportunities for traffic violations. Local police officers know that Broome County’s economy is made up of rural and suburban communities, and its location near the Pennsylvania border makes it one of the more trafficked counties in the state.  All traffic ticket matters are handled by the Broome County District Attorney’s Office except for Binghamton City traffic tickets. This county is tough on speeding charges and failing to “move over” violations.

The traffic attorneys at Weiss and Associates, PC have tremendous experience fighting New York traffic ticket violations throughout New York State, including Broome County courts, which include:

  • Barker Town Court
  • Binghamton City Court
  • Binghamton Town Court
  • Broome County Court
  • Chenango Town Court
  • Colesville Town Court
  • Conklin Town Court
  • Deposit Village Court
  • Dickinson Town Court
  • Endicott Village Court
  • Fenton Town Court
  • Johnson City Village Court
  • Kirkwood Town Court
  • Lisle Town Court
  • Maine Town Court
  • Nanticoke Town Court
  • Sanford Town Court
  • Triangle Town Court
  • Union Town Court
  • Vestal Town Court
  • Windsor Town Court

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Common Reasons Drivers Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Broome County

Broome County’s central positioning within New York state means that there are a number of major highways that go through the county. This, combined with the large student population from SUNY Binghamton ensures that local police officers are always vigilant for speeding and other traffic violations.

Speeding Tickets

According to the 2018 data from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, of the nearly 48,000 speeding tickets issued in Broome County, 29% of them were for speeding. Of those speeding tickets, 47% were issued to younger drivers aged 16 to 29.

Most of the ticketed drivers were New York residents but a significant percentage are from Canada, despite being several hours away from any border crossing. It has been reported that Friday was the most common day for drivers to be ticketed for a speeding violation in Broome County.

You have the right to fight a speeding charge in court, but a dismissal or reduction is not easy. We are told that 64% of the speeding tickets that were issued in Broome County ended in a conviction for the driver. Although, having the help of an experienced traffic ticket attorney will likely lead to better success.

Fight a License Suspension

The reasons for a license suspension vary, as do the fines and penalties. Driving with a suspended license is a misdemeanor and can even carry potential jail time. There are two types of license suspensions: indefinite, meaning your license will be indefinitely suspended until further action is taken to reinstate the license, usually resulting from a failure to respond to a court summons, an insurance lapse, failure to report an accident, or failure to pay a fine or child support.

The second type is a definite suspension, meaning that the DMV will issue a period-based suspension set to end on a specific date. This usually occurs when a moving violation occurs while on probation, an accumulation of 11 points or three speeding tickets within an 18-month period, or a DWI for alcohol or drugs.

In the state of New York, the only person that can represent you at a DMV administrative hearing is an attorney. You may appeal a license suspension hearing only within 30 days after a decision has been handed down.

Red Light Tickets

A red light ticket is a result of a motorist crossing the stopping point at an intersection, whether a crosswalk, stop line, or curb after the light is in its red phase. The color of the light at the time the driver enters the intersection is what police officers are looking for, and will be the heart of any hearing or trial regarding the matter.

Stop Sign Tickets

Stop signs are intended to prevent accidents, injury, or even death. When a New York motorist fails to stop completely and look both ways, they could be hit by another vehicle or hit someone themselves. A possible defense for a stop sign ticket could introduce doubt as to whether the stop sign was actually run, or that the stop sign was not visible where you were located.

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Tickets

New York State vehicle and traffic law makes it illegal to do far more than just text on a cell phone. The use of any electronic device, such as a GPS or digital camera, while operating a motor vehicle is strictly prohibited. 

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Points and Fines Associated with Broome County Traffic Tickets

The costs and other penalties associated with a traffic ticket conviction depends on a number of factors, like the exact location where the offense occurred, the time of day, and the specific law that was violated. The fines for a conviction can range anywhere from $150 to $600. However, if your traffic ticket is dismissed in court, you would not be responsible for these repercussions.

Each ticket issued in New York State comes along with a mandatory surcharge of either $88 or $93. Drivers could also be required to pay a DMV Driver Responsibility (DRA) if the conviction puts the total number of points imposed on a driver’s license at six or more. This separate fine costs $100 a year for three years. Each additional point over six costs $25 per year for three years.

Not to mention the likelihood of a massive increase in insurance premiums, which typically last for a minimum of 36 months after the ticket appears on the driving record.

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Broome County

An experienced traffic ticket attorney who is familiar with the Broome County traffic court can help analyze the violation and provide a solid defense to help keep fines and point exposure to a minimum. Plus, an attorney can show up to court on your behalf so that you do not have to.

Helpful Information About Broome County Traffic Court

Motorists charged with a non-misdemeanor traffic offense in Broome County have three options:

  1. The Broome County Traffic Diversion Program can be participated in by eligible motorists. Upon successful completion, all tickets are dismissed and there is no fine, record of conviction, or points on the license.  Weiss & Associates, PC can help you determine if you qualify for the program and handle the administration process of this program.
  2. Motorists may plead guilty to all charges and will therefore be responsible for any fines, insurance ramifications, and possible points. The conviction will also appear on the motorist’s driving record.
  3. Motorists may plead not guilty and appear in person or by hiring an attorney at a scheduled conference date. At that point, the motorist can try to negotiate a plea bargain or instead demand a trial.

Common Broome County Traffic Ticket Questions

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in Broome County, you have the right to ask for a non-jury trial where you may present any evidence that you feel is important. You may question the police officer who issued you the ticket or calls witnesses and then a judge will make a decision regarding your guilt of the charge.

What is the effect of a plea on my license?

A plea to a speed violation or lesser infraction will mean points on your license and may lead to insurance consequences. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles will assess points to your license upon your conviction and based on that, may determine if your privilege to drive is valid, suspended, or revoked.

Do I qualify for the Traffic Diversion Program?

To be eligible for the Diversion Program in Broome County, you must not have completed it within the last 18 months, and be approved for eligibility. Possible eligible offenses include:

  • Speeding up to 30 mph over the limit, unless in a school or construction zone where the limit would be 20 mph.
  • All other moving and equipment violations are eligible except for offenses involving any type of impairment, failure to stop for a school bus, uninsured motorists, and misdemeanors.
  • Cell phone violations are also eligible.

Why hire Weiss and Associates, PC?

If you want the process of fighting your Broome County traffic ticket easy and uncomplicated, then we are the right law firm for you. The vast majority of the time, we can fight your case without you ever needing to appear in court and we can increase your chances of avoiding points, fines, surcharges, insurance rate increases, and the loss of your driving privileges.

For immediate assistance with your Binghamton or Broome County traffic ticket, please call our office at 212-683-7373 or email us a photo of your ticket to lawyer@nytrafficticket.com for a free consultation. Weiss and Associates, PC can help fight your traffic violation in any part of New York State.