Albany is the beautiful capitol building of New York state and home to more than 300,000 people. New York’s Capital District is constantly buzzing with the New York Thruway being the center of motorist activity as motorists travel within the county and to adjacent Schenectady County, Saratoga County, Rensselaer County, Columbia County, Greene County, and Schoharie County. Whether people are on their way to work, to enjoy the Adirondack mountains, or to visit family and friends, motorists are routinely issued traffic tickets as they go about their ways.

In Albany County, traffic tickets are heard city traffic courts located in the cities of Albany, Cohoes, and Watervliet, in town traffic courts located in the towns of Berne, Bethlehem, Coeymans, Colonie, Green Island, Guilderland, Knox, New Scotland, Rensselaerville and Westerlo, and the village traffic courts of Altamont, Colonie, Green Island, Menands, Ravena, and Voorheesville.

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Common Reasons Drivers Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Albany

The following reasons are not meant to form a complete list. If you are not sure if you need a lawyer, it is a good idea to call just to be sure. We will be able to direct you to what you need.

Speeding Tickets

One of the most common reasons that someone calls us is because they got a speeding ticket. These fines can range between $150 and $600. On top of that, you will face a surcharge of $88 or $93.

The fine you receive depends on how fast you were going. Drivers going much faster over the speed limit are going to see higher fines. When drivers are hit with a speeding ticket in the Albany area, they are sometimes unsure of what the next steps are. We can help with free, straightforward advice.

Fight a License Suspension

Having your license suspended means that you might not be able to earn a living. People rely on their cars to go to work and do their errands. If your license has been suspended, we can fight for you.

Red Light Tickets

Red light tickets carry 3 points. For a first time offense, you will see a fine between $100 and $300. A surcharge on top of this will also be imposed.

Obstructing Intersection Tickets

Sometimes this is referred to as blocking the box. This is when you cannot make it all the way across the intersection by the time that the light going the other way changes.  You must enter when there is sufficient room beyond the far crosswalk to accommodate your vehicle.  Please note that this section does not apply to vehicles turning right or left at intersections. 

Stop Sign Tickets

Failing to stop at a stop sign might lead to 3 points on your license. On top of that, you may see a fine of up to $150.  When you are at a stop sign, all four wheels must come to a stop at the stop line, crosswalk, or building line.

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Tickets 

For the first offense, you will see a fine between $50 and $150. In addition, these are 5-point tickets.  Five points is a lot to get at one time because, at 11 points total, you can be suspended. In fact, other than speeding 21+ mph, there is no other higher point total given for one ticket (Note: Reckless driving is tied with cell phone and electronic device tickets as they also carry 5 points).  It is easy for a police officer to prove his or her case.  If a motorist is observed holding and “using” an electric device while driving, he or she allegedly has committed this moving violation. Use is defined broadly and includes merely looking at your iPhone or Android screen.

Points and Fines Associated with Albany County Traffic Tickets

Many people understand fines. This is money that you pay to the government as punishment for a crime. Different violations have different fines associated with them. More serious violations generally carry higher fines. Additionally, if you have already been caught with the same violation, usually your fine will be steeper.

Points are not fines. This is a tally of the violations a driver committed as well as how bad those violations were. Going only 5 mph over the speed limits results in fewer points than going 25 mph over the limit. If you get 11 or more points over an 18-month period, your license can be suspended.

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Albany County

The simplest answer is because we can save you money. Our team knows what it takes to obtain a more favorable outcome on your case. Since 1991, we have helped thousands of New Yorkers save money and points. Sometimes, we are able to win the case while other times we can negotiate a reduction. Keep in mind that the Albany County traffic court in which your case is returnable needs to prove that you committed the violation. This involves discovery, motions, bringing in the police officer to testify, and the presentation of evidence. If there are holes in the police officer’s testimony, or the evidence does not prove that you did the crime, it is possible to have the case against you dismissed. More importantly, to avoid the risk and cost of conducting a trial, we are often able to negotiate very favorable plea deals for our clients. In the vast majority of cases, our clients do not have to appear in court if they hire us.

Many people think that once they pay the fine and accept the points, everything is over. This is not always true. Insurance companies can pull your driving record and raise your rates. If they do so, the increase lasts for 36 months. Similarly, if you are found guilty of a point violation and your total points within 18 months is 6+, then you are subject to New York State’s Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee (DRAF). The DRAF is essentially a tax for having too many points and is $300+.

Helpful Information About Albany Traffic Court

Traffic violations in the City of Albany are heard at Albany City Court – Traffic Part, located at 24 Eagle Street, Albany, NY 12207. This court primarily hears traffic tickets, while other matters such as misdemeanor and DWI, DUI, and driving without a license violation are heard in Albany Criminal Part.

Albany City Court is one of the Capital Regions busiest courts as it services the entire city of Albany.

Common Albany County Traffic Ticket Questions

Should I Fight My Case Even If I Know I Did It?

Yes! The state needs to prove its case against you. You have a chance of winning your case even if you know that you did it. In addition, you can plead your case down to fewer points and/or a smaller fine.

How Do You Communicate With Clients?

Typically through telephone and email. We are available Monday through Friday during business hours.

Will I have to be there at the trial?

No, we can take care of that for you to ensure that you do not have to take time away from your busy schedule.

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