Chautauqua County in New York state is zoned near six breathtaking lakes and even stretches along the shoreline of Lake Erie. There is no wonder over 126,000 people call it home. The county has over 550 center-line miles of roads, 308 bridges, and 258 major culverts that consist of the county’s highway system. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and tourists drive these roads and bridges on a daily basis, may it be to the National Comedy Center for a couple of laughs, or a winter wonderland at the Peek’n Peak for some skiing. How you get there and how you get home is something to plan for your trip because one routine traffic ticket can ruin your day and have long-term consequences.

In Chautauqua County, traffic ticket disputes can be heard in local courts around the county. Those include:

  • Arkwright Town Court
  • Busti Town Court
  • Carroll Town Court
  • Charlotte Town Court
  • Chautauqua Town Court
  • Cherry Creek Town Court
  • Clymer Town Court
  • Dunkirk City Court
  • Dunkirk Town Court
  • Ellery Town Court
  • Ellicot Town Court
  • Ellington Town Court
  • Fredonia Village Court
  • French Creek Town Court
  • Gerry Town Court
  • Hanover Town Court
  • Harmony Town Court
  • Jamestown City Court
  • Kiantone Town Court
  • Mina Town Court
  • North Harmony Town Court
  • Poland Town Court
  • Pomfret Town Court
  • Portland Town Court
  • Ripley Town Court
  • Sheridan Town Court
  • Sherman Town Court
  • Silver Creek Village Court
  • Stockton Town Court
  • Villenova Town Court
  • Westfield Town Court
  • Westfield Village Court

Weiss & Associates, PC can help you fight your traffic ticket in any of these local courts. Give us a call to see how our skilled team can better assist you.

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“Weiss and Associates, PC were very responsive to my questions. They made the process very easy and even got me a better resolution than they told me I could expect” – Michael W.

Common Reasons Drivers Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Chautauqua County

Please note that the following is not a complete list with everything we can help you with. If you would like to know more information about our services you can head to our website or contact us today.

Speeding Tickets

Speeding is one of the most common offenses people might make when needing a NY Traffic Ticket Lawyer. The fine you receive could range anywhere from $150 up to $600 and that is in addition to a surcharge of $88 to $93. The amount charged to you depends on the severity of how fast you were going.

We certainly can help you with free advice for the next steps as well as how you can be represented in court.

Fight a License Suspension

A suspended license means that you might not be able to operate a vehicle. Think about what this means. No transportation to drive your kids or pick them up from school, no way to get to work, and no way to do a simple thing like heading to the grocery store. Now, these are just possible outcomes, but it is important to seek help to fight your license suspension. We are here to help.

Red Light Tickets

For a first-time offense of running a red light, you can see a fine range of $100-$300, and, in addition, there can be a surcharge. These violations can carry up to 3 points counted against your license.

Obstructing Intersection Tickets

Obstructing Intersection Tickets is also known as blocking the box. Blocking the box is when a motorist might be unable to get their vehicle all the way across the intersection before the light turns again. The fine can be up to $115, and it is important that you fight this type of ticket because it is a case between the state and the motorist. The state potentially will have to prove that you were against the law.

Stop Sign Tickets

Stopping at a stop sign means that all wheels on your vehicle or form of transportation must come to a complete halt at the stopline, a crosswalk, or a building line. This kind of offense can be up to 3 points on your license, with a potential $150 fine.

Cell Phone & Electronic Device Tickets 

Cell Phone and Electronic Device tickets are exactly as it sounds. When a motorist is on their phone or tablet device behind the wheel or in the driver’s seat. Police officers could observe if a driver is looking down at their phone in order for them to say they allegedly committed the crime.

The offense can put five points against your license, which is pretty high considering you only need 11 for your license to be suspended. The only other higher point total given for one ticket is for speeding 21 mph or more over the speed limit. The fine can be between $50 and $150.

Points and Fines Associated with Chautauqua County Traffic Tickets

Points are considered tally marks on a driver. It counts how many violations the driver has had along with the kind of violations they were. A higher offense leads to a higher-point tally against your license.

Fines are not points. Fines are bills paid to the government in punishment for your crime. The more serious the violation, the steeper the fine.

Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Chautauqua County

Weiss & Associates, PC, plain and simple, can help you save your money. The favorable outcomes we strive for are point reductions or completely getting your case dismissed. Law is something our team has been practicing since 1991, helping thousands of New Yorkers with their financial situation and driving records. Our goal is to win each case, but in the event that we do not, we strive for negotiating the best possible results for our clients.

Discovery motions, bringing in a police officer to testify, and presenting evidence are part of the court process. We want you to understand that it is you against the state, so it will have to be proven that you actually committed the crime. Our experienced team can help fight for you.

To help make this a more affordable experience, our team can even negotiate favorable plea deals. Many of our clients do not even have to appear in court. We do that for you.

After points are accepted and fines are paid, there is still a long way to go. The person who allegedly committed the crime will then have to deal with increased insurance rates that can last 36 months long. Also, if your total points are 6 or above, and you are found guilty of another point violation within 18 months, you are subject to New York State’s Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee (DRAF). DRAF is around $300 or more and is posed like a tax for having too many points on your driving record.

Helpful Information About Chautauqua County Traffic Court

Chautauqua County Courthouse information:

PO Box 292
3 North Erie Street
Mayville, NY 14757-0292

Phone: 716-753-4266
Fax: 716-753-4993

Unpaid traffic ticket fines and surcharges should be paid to the local court directed on your ticket. If you have any outstanding charges, you could be subject to a “scoff fee” in addition to the unpaid charges.

Common Chautauqua County Traffic Ticket Questions

Should I Fight My Case Even If I Know I Did It?

Yes! Your case is between you and the state, meaning that the state would need to prove that you did. This matter also means that you could have a chance at winning your case or pleading it down to fewer points and/or a fine reduction.

How Do You Communicate With Clients?

We are open Monday-Friday during normal business hours. You can give us a call: 212-683-7373. Or send us an email:

Will I have to be there at the trial?

No. Part of the reason why you hire us is so that we can represent you if you would like us to.

Why Let Weiss & Associates, PC Fight Your Traffic Ticket Case?

Simply, to keep yourself on the road. Hiring an experienced and skilled law firm is potentially the best way for you to do so.

We are here to help you decipher legal jargon and translate it in a way you can understand. We also want to counsel you through the legal system. We are honest about the good and the bad so that you know all of the possible ways in which your case can go.

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“Weiss and Associates, PC were very responsive to my questions. They made the process very easy and even got me a better resolution than they told me I could expect” – Michael W.