Speed Too High And Lose Your Car!

Speed Too High And Get Your Car Impounded
Speed Too High And Get Your Car Impounded

Effective, September 30, 2009, drivers in the Canadian Province of Ontario caught speeding in excess of 50 km/hour can lose their car.  Driving 50 mph above the limit is the equivalent of speedingi 31 mph.

Specifically, any driver speeding in violation of this law can have his or her car immediately impounded and his or her driver’s license will be immediately suspended for seven days. Drivers can also expect to pay at least $2,000 and up to $10,000 in fines, plus towing fees.

Ontario constables are impounding approximately 12,000-14,000 cars per year under this law.

The Safer Roads for Safer Ontario Act targets the following unsafe driving practices:

  • Street racing
  • Aggressive driving
  • Stunt-driving
  • Playing “chicken”
  • Popping “wheelies”
  • Driving with someone in the trunk
  • Drifting around corners

This is a particularly aggressive law.   In New York, for instance, speeding 31 mph over the limit is an 8-point ticket and rarely results in someone losing their driver’s license (assuming an otherwise clean record).  In fact, 8 points is not even the most severe type of New York speeding ticket.  Rather, the worst type of New York speeding ticket is an 11-point ticket for traveling 41+ over the limit.

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  • Scott, your right about the unfairness of the punishment preceding the conviction. In New York, they came up with a procedure called “interim suspension” whereby a motorist accused of driving while intoxicated loses his or her license until after his criminal case is completed (which can take months) and, of course, the defendant does not get credit for the interim suspension once a “final” suspension is imposed.

  • Actually, these penalties have already been in place for a while. I’ve seen many tow trucks along the 401.

    Nothing like dishing out punishment before conviction…


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