Speeding Motorcyclist Exposes Police Misconduct, And Police Respond With More Abuse

A motorcyclist was stopped by an off-duty police officer for speeding and “popping wheelies”. Unfortunately, for the officer, the motorcyclist was also wearing a helmet cam. The recording showed the officer draw his gun rather than his badge. Compounding his error, the officer in plain clothes says “Get off the motorcycle” three times before identifying himself as a cop. The motorcyclist received a traffic ticket and posted his video on YouTube.

Needless to say, police officers should not draw their gun during a routine traffic stop making this incident disconcerting. However, adding insult to injury, four days later, the Maryland state police showed up at his home and confiscated the motorcyclist’s computers and threatened to bring felony criminal charges for allegedly making an illegal recording.

In Maryland, it is illegal to secretly record someone’s conversation without their permission. The law, however, is designed to punish eavesdropping or secretly recording telephone or other conversations. Here, the motorist was in the public, and the recording device was in plain view.

To me, this case represents a clear example of police misconduct, and shameless over-reaching. The video clearly shows that there was no justification for the officer to brandish his weapon, and rather than acknowledge the lapse of judgment, the Maryland state police responded by abusing their power.

Why can’t people accept responsibility for their actions? It never ceases to amaze me at the lengths that people will go to avoid simply apologizing.


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  • Police abuse has been running rampart in America for decades. Mostly because Americans do not know the law themselves, nor do officers. They are actually breaking the law to enforce policy (police). We have always had inalienable Rights like the Right to Travel or the Right to Bear Arms but we consent away those rights under contracts like the drivers license.

  • Notgonnasay
    May 12, 2010 1:37 pm

    #1: Motorcyclist was backing up because some lunatic with a gun had just run him off the road!

    #2: Marked patrol car arrived AFTER the off-duty officer had run the motorcyclist off the road.

    #3: At the 7 second point, note the off-duty officer looks to his left, sees the arriving patrol car, and HIDES his gun.

    #4: Rider was a service man, NOT some squid, so show a little respect.

  • The edited version also does not show that a marked police cruiser was also present with a uniformed officer.

    There can be very little doubt that the motorist knew he was being pulled over and approached by a law enforcement officer. You can also see that flight was on the mind of the motorist as he was backing up to gain maneuver room.

    • Interesting topic. I recall a few years ago, Mayor Bloomberg tried to have NYC police officers enforce Jaywalking but they rebelled. They did not want to enforce something that was so commonplace and difficult to enforce. Instead, the City erected barriers that prevent Jaywalking at certain high pedestrian crossing points. The Mayor also has turned many streets into pedestrian malls.

  • Agreed that the cop should have identified himself prior to pulling his weapon (which wasn’t called for at all), but that doesn’t excuse the careless and reckless behavior of this “crotch rocket jockey” on his sports bike, such as popping wheelies and acting in a manner that endangers other motorists around him. Needless to say, I didn’t see the officer’s safety being threatened in any way to justify him pulling his gun out. I’m sure internal affairs will look into this one, but the fool popping wheelies should indeed have his motorcycle license suspended for being a careless prick on the public roadways if he wants to behave like Evil Knievel.


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