Speeding Tickets From Above

Suffolk County is experimenting with using of small planes to spot motorists engaging in reckless driving and other moving violations.

Spotters aboard the plane will be hovering above the Long Island Expressway looking for drivers committing offenses and, then, radioing vehicle descriptions to deputies below.

In one three-hour period, the aircraft spotters were able to help issue 88 traffic tickets, mostly for speeding.

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  • Another revenue generating ploy by Suffolk County, as they know that the more affluent and wealthy motorists live in Suffolk County, especially those Hamptonites who love to fly down the LIE in their Ferraris and Lambourghinis at over 100mph. I don’t condone speeding and anyone going that fast should be pulled over, but I think Suffolk Highway Patrol will also target people going so much as 2-5 miles over the limit to generate revenue for the county.


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