The Least Expensive NYC Traffic Ticket?

The fine for leaving your vehicle unattended and idling in New York City is only $5 (although technically it can also carry 2 days of jail) making it the likely the least expensive traffic ticket in New York City.  The low fine amount is likely do the small number of such tickets being issued.  Although New York City has restricted engine idling since 1971, in 2007, only 526 idling violations were issued.

However, this “bargain” ticket may soon cost a lot more money.  A Queens city councilwoman, Elizabeth Crowley, wants to increase the fine to $250, promptly by two high-profile fatal accidents involving unattended idling vehicles in Queens and Chinatown.

Regardless of the fine amount, it is foolish to leave your keys in the ignition when you car is unattended.  In fact, you could be personally liable if the car is stolen based upon neligently allowing the car to be stolen.

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