The New York Drunk Driving Program


A New York motorist who is convicted of driving while intoxicated, driving while impaired or drug-related driving offense will have their license suspended or revoked.

In order to obtain a conditional license while suspended or revoked (or conditional driving privilege for those residing out-of-state), a driver must take the Drinking Driver Program. For those who are put on probation, they cannot take the DDP without written permission of the court or their probation officer. Many courts require enrollment in the DDP even if the motorist does not want to get a conditional license.

So what is the DDP?

The DDP is a class designed to reduce personal and property damage losses caused by alcohol and drugs. It costs $75 to enroll and up to $225 to attend. You enroll at your local DMV office.

It is a class where its students explore their arrest and the reason for it. They also learn about making appropriate driving decisions for the future. Participants discuss the social, medical, legal and driver safety issues caused by alcohol and drugs.

The class consists of seven weekly sessions which take 2 to 3 hours each for a total of 16 hours. Some DDP participants are referred for substance abuse evaluation when, for instance, they have two or more alcohol convictions within 10 years, are arrested for a driving and alchol (or drug) charge while enrolled in the DPP, and attend class while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Update (1/11/16):   The Drinking Driver Program (DDP) is now called the Impaired Driver Program (IDP).  As this new name is being implemented, you may see the two names used interchangeably.

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  • My son was arrested for a dwi he has never had nor wants a licence whats the reason for having him attend a ddp program

  • I recieved the dwi in one county but reside in another. Am I allowed to take the course in my county?

  • I was arrested in California for a second DUI and was informed that I must enroll in a DUI 2nd offender program. As I am enrolled in school here in New York I was informed I must enroll in a program here to fullfil my DUI probation requirement. I am not sure where to start and I need to keep my probation officer informed of my progress. I intend to reside in NY after school. Can you let me know where I can enroll in a program.

    Thank you

    • Ashley,

      Try contacting the NYS DMV and inquire about entering into their Drunk Driving Program. Alternatively, perhaps, you can do private sessions with a licensed alcohol therapist. You should start by speaking with your CA attorney who helped you with the DUI. It’s his or her job to help you get enrolled in the ordered programs.

      Matthew Weiss

  • Richard Santiagp
    October 25, 2012 9:56 pm

    I was stopped at a checkpoint Blew a .17 and was charged with 3 separate misdemeanors the Court had me Go to a Alcohol assessment Program where I went answered all questions Blew a 0 and no Drug or Alcohol was found in my urine. I know find out that the People want me to attend a program after the program I was sent to said I had no need to be in one. What can I do Please?

  • I have a son who was arrested for a DWI. The judge ordered the DDP program. My son called DMV because we received fines but nothing about DDP. DMV told him that it was necessary to get his license. He explained he didn’t want his license back but needed to do it for the court. They said they would send something. They never did. He was arrested and released with a date to go back to court. He immediately went to DMV where they told him he was wrong. He worked his way to another teller who finally enrolled him. Is there a way to enroll him in a course that will take less time than months.

  • A similar program has been in effect in Michigan for many years. Overall, there has been a decrease in drunk driving arrests and accidents during this period, but my gut feeling is that this is a result of increased enforcement action and social awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.


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