Traffic Lawyer Gets Traffic Ticket (Part 2)

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Thumbs Up On Getting A Traffic Ticket
Thumbs Up On Getting A Traffic Ticket

I’ve been regularly blogging since January 2009, and have never received as much feedback about a post as I have about Part 1 of this post.  It seems everyone is amused by the irony of my mis-fortune (especially my lead-footed clients).

Below is a small sampling of some of the reactions:

  • HAHAHA. Sorry about laughing, but that’s funny – Jerry S
  • Representing yourself?  – Abbas I
  • Where’s the fire? – Steve S
  • Which one of your team of traffic lawyers, if any, do you trust to defend you? – Michael S
  • What took so long?  I know how you drive “road rage Matt” – Damon G
  • Forget you … what was your wife’s ticket for? – Kara R
  • How are you going to find a traffic judge who will be fair … don’t they all hate you?  – Sergio F

Anyway, all this light-hearted ribbing is just making me more determined to beat this thing.  I am off the law library to crack the books and put my powerful legal mind to work.   Results of my efforts to follow.

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