Bronx Traffic Violations Bureau: Busiest Traffic Court In The State

The New York City Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) adjudicates a huge volume of New York City traffic tickets with the Bronx Traffic Violations Bureau handling the most tickets in the TVB system and most likely making it the busiest traffic court in the state. The Bronx TVB leading the way is not surprising given that it generates the most revenue of any of the 10 TVB courts.

With so many cases handled by a limited number of judges and staff, it is not surprising that many people perceive the TVB “courts” as factory-like and less than fair in its dispensing of justice.

Below is the breakdown from busiest to slowest:

Bronx Traffic Violations Bureau – 69,883 contest hearings and 84,562 uncontested hearings

Manhattan South Traffic Violations Bureau – 78,149 contested hearings and 62,655 uncontested hearings

Queens North Traffic Violations Bureau – 60,149 contest hearings and 64,502 uncontested hearings

Brooklyn South Traffic Violations Bureau – 53,179 contested hearings and 48,661 uncontested hearings

Queens South Traffic Violations Bureau – 44,685 contested hearings and 53,714 uncontested hearings

Brooklyn North Traffic Violations Bureau – 47,033 contested hearings and 838,008 uncontested hearings

Manhattan North Traffic Violations Bureau – 49,746 contested hearings and 29,398 uncontested hearings

Staten Island Traffic Violations Bureau – 16,206 contested hearings and 9,812 uncontested hearings

Suffolk County Traffic Violations Bureau – 26,056 contested hearings and 29,099 uncontested hearings

Rochester Traffic Violations Bureau – 10,668 contested hearings and 7,886 uncontested hearings

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