Turning Traffic Control Devices Into Jewelry


Collegiate entrepreneur and artisan Nicholas Kingsbury had a unique idea.  He was out with his friends one night and glanced over at a traffic cone.  It dawned on him that he could make jewelry and accessories out of it.  He felt jewelry from a pylon was unique and a conversation starter.  He cut a swatch off the pylon, and made a primitive wrist band.  He wore it out the following night and all of his friends loved it.  He made more and quickly sold them all.   A few months later Nicholas had a patent and launched an eCommerce web site called Hazardline.com.

Hazardline now sells various wrist bands, belts, key chains, pendants and other accessories, all created from traffic cones.  A traffic control device customarily used to restrict movement transformed into a fashion statement.  I had an opportunity to meet Nicholas recently and he explained his unique business as follows:

“I started Hazard Line to offer a brand of fashion accessories that really brings out the wearer’s identity.  The products are very loud and noticeable, yet attractive.  The wearer of my jewelry is saying ‘I am not afraid to be noticed.  I refuse to blend into the crowd.’  The material of the jewelry is the most important aspect.  Traditionally, the traffic cone is a symbol of restriction.  Any time you see one, it means you are prevented from turning, proceeding further or engage in some other driving maneuver.  Transforming a traffic cone into an accessory and wearing it symbolizes triumph over that symbol of restriction.”

Hazardline is a green conscious business. When traffic cones get destroyed or too worn down over the years, they are not recycled.  Old traffic cones get thrown in a dump.  Not very eco-friendly.  Hazard Line is dedicated to avoid such waste.  A large construction company called Inter-County Paving Association donates old, ready-to-be-discarded traffic cones to Hazardline.

Nick has big plans for his unique line.  Coming soon will be Hazardline jewelry cut from metal traffic signs.   The new line carries the same message as the traffic cone jewelry: we won’t be held back.  And, from what I can tell, Nicholas won’t be held back either.

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