Two DMV Workers Arrested For Issuing Fraudulent Licenses

Six people were arrested including two DMV employees for allegedly selling more than 200 fake driver’s licenses, learner’s permits and identification cards making more than $1 million.  The New York State DMV employees are Glenda Hinton, 54, of the Harlem DMV and Robin Jones-Woodson, 42, of the Yonkers DMV and the alleged ring leader is Wilch Dewalt, 52.  They were all charged with identity theft, bribery, and conspiracy, and face 30 ore more years in jail if convicted.

Customers of the fraud ring included alleged drug traffickers and dealers, money launderers and sex offenders.  One customer was an undercover officer who posed as a man on the US government’s “no-fly” list.  Fees for the fraudulent documents ranged from $7,000 to $10,000.  The customer would pay the fee and  provide a photograph, and the fraudsters would then obtain and provide a DMV document with a stolen identity.

Having appeared at the Manhattan North Traffic Violations Bureau many, many times fighting New York traffic tickets for clients, I am familiar with many DMV workers.  While there are many helpful and nice employees, there are also a few who are rude, unhelpful and love to wield their “power”.  I suspect the two arrested DMV employees here fall in the latter category.

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  • And we wonder why and how illegal aliens get fake driver licenses and why terrorists are able to rent vehicles to later rig with bombs? It’s morons like these who aid and abet such activities that is the heart of the problem. Not only should they all be thrown in a federal prison, but tried and executed for for treason if not deported out of this country back to wherever many of their ancestors are from, as I’m sure they’d love to live in some 3rd world dump. Send them to Nigeria, as their services would be quite welcome considering Nigeria is the ID fraud capital of the world.


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