URGH!! Speed Cameras Coming to New York!?!?


Just when most are getting familiar with the locations of red light cameras, New York City motorists may soon be the subject of cameras that measure speed and issue tickets. A speed-camera bill is gaining momentum in Albany which would allow the City to install up to 40 speed cameras, 20 of which could be periodically rotated to different locations to keep motorists off guard.

There would be a 9 mph grace for motorists so only those who exceed the speed limit (usually 30 mph in New York City) by 10+ mph would be subject to the $50 ticket. The fine doubles to $100 for those exceeding the speed limit by 30+ mph.

Like red light camera tickets, speed camera tickets will not carry points and will not affect one’s auto insurance rates. This “break” is not due to the Legislature’s benevolence. Rather, it is more practical in that it eliminates the need to prove who was driving the vehicle.

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  • Hi! I’m a new driver and I recently received a violation notice stating that my vehicle was captured by camera speeding 11 miles above a 25 Miles speed limit. I’m expected to pay a fine of $50. I did not see a speed limit sign posted in the area but it is a school zone. Are all school zones speed limits 20-25 miles in NYC? Is this common knowledge or should there be a sign to indicate the speed? I’m interested in learning if I can argue against this first time infraction as a driver with a clean record. Thanks!

    • Jewel Wright,

      You cannot successfully argue against this first time infraction as a driver with a clean record. It is irrelevant. The only issue is whether you violated the law (regardless of your past good record). The speed limit in NYC is 25 mph in all un-posted areas.

      Matthew Weiss

  • Hi,

    I wasn’t caught by a red light camera, but I just really need some advices.

    I was caught for running a red light at New Haven, CT.
    I was very sure that it was a yellow light when I went through the intersection, I kind of argued with the police men about it too (which I know I shouldn’t have done, they were very nice), but yeah they said it was red light.

    This is my first offense, and I’m a university student. I don’t want to have my insurance rate go up.

    Thus, I want to plead Not Guilty
    Now my questions:

    1. Is it better to take the fine? What affects will it give my insurance?
    2. How long does it take for them to send me a court date?
    3. What would be the disadvantages of taking this to court?
    I know whoever I ask, they told me there’s nothing to lose to plead not guilty. However, I searched on DMV, that if I pay my fines NOW, the I will receive NO points in my license, if I plead not guilty and LOST, I will have to pay the fine, plus court fees, plus points will be added on my license (I also will lose my time to attend something I have no evidence to prove myself).
    I would like to know if I will most positively have at least my points removed by pleading not guilty?
    4. What are the chances that I’ll win? What EVIDENCES can I provide in this situation?
    5. What factors can I bring up in court to strengthen my argument than just “I saw it was a yellow light”?
    6. I have a packed schedule, so what are the most possible times for the court? How long will it take?
    7. What are the possible things they can give me by making a court appearance? (reduce fine? points off?)

    Sorry for the long questions.
    I appreciate any answer! Thanks!

    • Max,

      Because I don’t practice in CT, I can’t answer most of your questions. Generally, my advice is to plead not guilty and fight your ticket. If you do, you likely can negotiate this down to a less serious charge.

      Good luck!

      Matthew Weiss


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