Warning: Speed Week Started!

Currently and through next Wednesday (June 15, 2018), New York State troopers will be out in force looking, in particular, for violations of the following Vehicle And Traffic Laws:  drinking and driving offenses, speeding, illegal use of a cell phone or electronic device, failure to wear seat belts, and failure to “move over”.  These troopers will be out there to discourage these unsafe practices and issue traffic tickets.

Troopers will be using marked and un-marked cars during this campaign, and are expected to issue a lot of traffic tickets.  During a Speed Week last year, state police handed out over 19,000 moving violations, including 7,900+ for speeding, and 580+ for electronic device and cell phone violations.

To avoid a traffic ticket, you should drive extra safe including slowing down, putting your phones away (i.e., out of plain sight) and moving over to emergency vehicles on the side of the road.

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  • Lidar (laser) devices are not, as a general rule routinely calibrated. And in New York City precinct access to the devices is not controlled so that means that an officer coming into court is unable to testify to the correctness of the device.

    This is because speed is essentially three things. A measurement of distance traveled, The time that the vehicle took to travel the distance, and the report. Lidar units are routinely tested by measuring a known distance, but their timing mechanism is NOT routinely tested. More important, there is no audit of their reporting mechanism. These devices are fundamentally computers and they have USB ports which allow their programs to be altered.

    Lidar devices are subject to the exact same manipulation as the Volkswagen diesel pollution fraud. If they are routinely tested at specific, known speeds, they can be programmed to provide correct readings at those speeds and other readings (say 15-% of actual speed) at other speeds. For this reason, the manufacturers and NYPD refuse to provide copies of their wiring diagrams, programs, or operating and service manuals.


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