Hamptons & Southold Speeding Tickets

With the summer in full swing, many New York City residents will be making trips to the Hamptons.  As most New Yorkers know, the traffic can be pretty bad.  However, motorists forget that the roads and highways in East Hampton, Southampton, West Hampton, etc. are heavily patrolled.

Our traffic ticket law firm receives and reviews many speeding and other traffic tickets for the South Fork and North Fork.  Many are issued on Sunrise Highway (Route 27) in the Town of Southampton.  But there are many other speed “traps” in the South Fork.  In the North Fork, Southold is a particularly busy area for the issuance of NY speeding tickets and other traffic tickets.  And, of course, the Long Island Expressway is another large source of traffic tickets regardless to which “Fork” your heading.

Drivers from other states and upstate New York are expecting the speed limit to be 65 mph but, in reality, the maximum limit is 55 mph (or less).

The good news is that the traffic courts in the Hamptons are all pretty reasonable.  Through the years, we’ve had great success fighting speeding and other moving violations there.  Often, we are able to obtain much more favorable results for our clients saving them DMV points, money and insurance hikes.

Feel free to call us at 212-683-7373 or email us at lawyer@nytrafficticket.com if you have a traffic ticket issued in the Hamptons (or anywhere else in New York State).  The consultation is always free.

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