When To Give Up On Fighting Your NYC Parking Ticket


Once a New York City parking ticket goes into “judgment”, it becomes very diffcult to un-do the judgment and interest starts to accrue. So when does an NYC parking ticket go into judgment?

If you fight a New York City parking ticket and lose, you have 30 days to appeal.  If you fail to answer it and a fine is imposed by default, you have 30 days to pay it.   A judgment is entered against the recipient of the parking ticket shortly after the expiration of either one of these 30-day periods. Absent a reasonable excuse for the default and meritorious defense to the offense, it is at this point that you have only two options: pay the full amount or ignore it.

Note that the “hearing complete” designation on the Department of Finance web site does not include the date the judge makes a finding of guilt. So while the 30 days begins to run from the date of decision, you can’t tell when it was rendered and you should act quickly if you want to try and reduce the fine amount.

For cases in judgment, New York City parking ticket expert, Lawrence Berezin, of www.newyorkparkingticket.com has an excellent post on how to try and vacate a default judgment.

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  • Aaron Williams
    August 11, 2022 7:09 pm

    Dmv took over a year to get my registration to me for my new car. Didn’t get it until months after the city opened back up. I tried to have one mailed to me multiple times during this time and received multiple tickets during this time. The first few were cleared but most aren’t and there are so many. What can I do?

    • Matthew Weiss
      August 23, 2022 3:52 pm

      Aaron Williams,

      We do not fight parking tickets (only traffic tickets) but recommend that you visit the parking ticket bureau and try and work out a package deal.

      Good luck!

      Matthew Weiss

  • I received No Parking summons -School Zone-for two successive days when I mistook the crooked sign’s direction. The second summons states “no prior summons visible” even though the first summons was clearly visible on the vehicle. . Does this mean that you can receive successive multiple tickets for the same infraction each day of the violation?

    • Matthew Weiss
      April 13, 2022 3:19 pm

      Roy Silver,

      Yes, sadly you can receive successive multiple tickets for the same infraction each day of the violation.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

      Matthew Weiss

  • I received a NYC parking ticket in the mail for a leased vehicle I had turned in to my auto dealership 3 months prior to the ticket. The dealership didn’t remove the registration sticker before they sent the car to auction. The car was purchased in Florida. My ticket shows my old registration sticker and Florida plates on the car. Would this ticket be the dealership’s responsibility to pay? I don’t feel it’s right that I’m using all my time to complete court appeal paperwork and having to report registration fraud to DMV.

    • Matthew Weiss
      July 26, 2021 4:00 pm

      Pam L,

      Please not guilty and show the proofs of vehicle transfer.

      Good luck!

      Matthew Weiss

  • Anthony Mieke
    March 28, 2020 11:38 am

    I was given the same ticket 4 times for a inspection ticket. 3 times going not guilty ( nyc ) the one time for same violation I was found guilty on line l( on line hearing 4 times) the one ticket that was guilty was on 2//28/20. The hearing was done about 12 days later.
    My Questions are
    1. Does this ticket need to be paid ( 30 days from Hearing or of ticket ( which is today?
    2. I know once I pay ticket I. An ask for an appeal.
    3. Is this also 30days from ticket or Judgment of Guilty
    4. Big Question NOT Guilty 3 times and Guilty 1 time for same thing ?

    Thank you and I hope you can answer these Questions

    • Matthew Weiss
      March 28, 2020 1:35 pm

      Anthony Mieke,

      Answers in bold below.

      1. Does this ticket need to be paid (30 days from Hearing or of ticket (which is today)? Pay ASAP
      2. I know once I pay ticket I. Can ask for an appeal. Yes
      3. Is this also 30 days from ticket or Judgment of Guilty. To request an appeal, you must file a Parking / Camera Violations Appeal Application within 30 days of the Administrative Law Judge’s hearing decision.
      4. Big Question NOT Guilty 3 times and Guilty 1 time for same thing? Sounds like the court may have given you a break on the redundant 3 tickets and found you guilty just once. A pretty reasonable outcome, in my opinion.

  • In regards to judgments, I have the following question. NY VTL §1806-A (4) requires that a traffic and parking violations agency notify the defendant by certified mail prior to entering a default judgement. This seems to be mirror language of subsection (1) except that sub (1) applies only to courts and exempts application to cities with a population of 1 million or more (i.e., NYC).

    Now, the NYC Administrative code § 19-207 has almost identical language, but it requires notice only by ordinary mail, not certified. However, the closest I see the VTL coming to allowing this change is in § 1642 (20), and even at that it would seem a stretch.

    So my question to you is, do you know if this issue has come up in the NYC parking hearings, and if so, how was it resolved? In the alternative, if you could point me to a good resource for researching this, I’d be happy to do the leg work, it’s just that this area of law doesn’t seem all that well documented or commented upon.

    PS- I have access to westlaw and lexis as a 1st year law student, but my skill with using them is still a work in progress.

    PPS- Assembly bill A1344-2011 would amend the VTL to allow for notice of default by First Class mail instead of certified mail, but it is still in committee.

    • Jeremy,

      Get the McKinney’s VTL and look up the annotations for Section 1806-A. Let me know if you need any help and feel free to share your research results.

      Matthew Weiss

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