Would You Pay To Drive 90 MPH?


Eugene (Gino) DiSimone, a Nevada gubernatorial candidate, believes that vehicles which pass a safety inspection should be allowed to drive up to 90 mph. The catch is that motorists would have to purchase a transponder and pay $25 to the state $25 to speed for 24 hours. If they paid the fee, they would not be issued a speeding ticket by a police officer as their license plate would be in a data base as “paid to speed”.

In some European countries, there are no speed limits but driver safety and accidents seems to make DiSimone’s idea not too “swift”.

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  • a very quick NYC cabdriver
    December 9, 2010 3:15 pm

    Thing, the 1st: As much as I’d love to ‘legally’ be ‘permitted’ to rent the ability to drive above the ‘posted limit’, the reason why I want TO OWN the legal ability is because I know I POSSESS it through training that significantly exceeds American driver education, training, and testing. MOST PEOPLE DON’T.

    2nd: Sensible and well trained people who want to ‘speed’ – RARE – only drive above the ‘posted limits’ when road & traffic conditions otherwise allow, which happens to be the same time conditions when you are most likely to be observed and apprehended for doing something it’s safe to do when safe to do it – meaning that they still won’t drive to fast for conditions.

    3rd: Nevada is admitting that it’s about the money, while also stating that licensed drivers must pay for the ‘privilege’ of using their probably-uncertified ability to judge road and traffic conditions without offering sufficient driver education, training, and testing. In other words, I think both the Nevada governor and the majority of the people who’d be suckered by a professional liar into ‘renting’ the legal ability to do something they aren’t qualified to do, are not sufficiently educated, trained, or tested.

    4th: Instead of allowing a significant number of un-qualified drivers to pay for the privilege, and risk the lives of innocent yet untrained left lane slowpokes who should not have to pay for staying in my lane with their lives (they should just LEARN to get out of my lane), we should take the example of countries like Germany or Finland, where the driver education, training, and testing is to such a high standard, that even those who are not legally qualified to drive, drive well enough to avoid getting caught, that they could easily pass American licensing tests. The initial costs would be worth it for EVERYONE, not just drivers.

    5th: For a government official to make such an offer, instead of giving everyone both
    a) better driver education, training, and testing
    b) all licensed drivers to drive at such speeds (when conditions permit, of course)
    is a form of politically conditioning that shocks my conscience.

    Gino DiSimone’s idea is probably bereft of sufficient personal experience behind the wheel, certainly bereft of any sense, and in my opinion, an immoral and unethical offer for a politician to make, tantamount to lying to his constituents on several levels.

    • A Very Quick NYC,

      You raise interesting points. I am particularly impressed with the idea of studying how European countries like Germany and Italy safely allow motorists to speed at high rates. Certainly, there are lessons for us to learn.

      Thanks for your thought comments.


  • I would pay the fee in a heartbeat, I would rather pay the 25 dollars than the 250 dollars for the speeding ticket

  • HUH???!!! That’s the stupidist thing I’ve ever heard of.

  • Thank you Matthew ,

    Love ideas out of box, also would love to see someone finally enforcing and issuing tickets for driving and not passing in left lane ,

    • Thanks Osmo.

      I’m not sure that this is a do-able idea but, as you write, I enjoy sharing different thoughts and ideas about improving driving for everyone.

      And, yes, the slow drivers in the left lane are frustrating. Some appear clueless that they are even slowing up the highway.

  • Legal suicide and or murder? Sounds great, if I am going 90mph legally, and grandma is lost going 45 in the left lane, what happens then? Do I get to buy my way out of a vehicular manslaughter case, for let’s say $200.00 (It should be a little more than legal speeding right?)

  • Matt,

    Fascinating post. I’m wondering what the charge is to drive with a blood alcohol reading above 2.0; but only for the weekend? How about a week of careless driving?

    I’d fire the campaign adviser who let this revenue raising idea see the light of day.

    • You must be the old lady that no one can get around on the highway people like you are the reason America is going the way it is, go ahead and live life in your little bubble and let the rest of us enjoy our life!


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