A Night At The Museum (Literally)

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A Night At The Museum
A Night At The Museum

It is only Thursday but I am really looking forward to this weekend.  My 2 oldest kids (12 and 9) and I are going to sleep over at the Museum Of Natural History.  Yes, just like the movie.

We’ll be among 300+ other parents and kids sleeping under the museum‘s Humpback whale.  We’re bringing our flashlights and planning on exploring the dinosaur floor at night, see an Imax movie and just have a grand old time.  It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that get me jazzed.

My wife isn’t coming as she needs to stay with my little guy (5) but, to be honest, she has no interest in leaving her Sleepy’s mattress behind for a small cot and sleeping bag.   I, on the other hand, can’t wait.

Adding to the fun will that we’re going with my business group (the Entrepreneurs’ Organization) so I’ll be among 35 friends and their families.  It’s going to be a big party!

What kind of unique experiences have you had?  Please share as I am always looking for new frontiers to conquer.

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  • Last night as great fun. The kids loved it. Definitely a memorable experience for any family. The museum holds this event once a month so give it a try.

    The one caveat (at least for the parents) involves sleep. The cots are un-comfortable especially for someone who doesn’t go camping. Perhaps, I should have brought an Ambien.

    Anyway, photos from last night being posted on my Facebook shortly.


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