Coming Tomorrow: Crackdown On Drivers Not Using Hands-Free Device

Starting at midnight on March 25th, a 24-hour crackdown on motorists talking without hands-free devices will be launched by the New York City Police Department.  A driver who is issued a traffic ticket for this offense does not get points but faces a $130 fine and possible auto insurance increase.  A similar dragnet on January 21, 2010 resulted in over 7,400 cell phone tickets be issued.

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  • Vinchenz, I am not condoning yacking away on the cellphone while driving, even with a bluetooth earpiece or such, and I totally agree with you that such fools should be ticketed due to their inherent risk of increasing traffic accidents. But, the point I was making is that lately, the NYPD and Traffic Enforcement are issuing tickets for silly things. Case in point, my dad drives a commercial vehicle, a minivan with lettering on it that he uses to transport job related materials, and by law has 30 minutes to park and conduct his business. Not even a minute goes by and these overzealous traffic enforcement “brownies” fools issue him a parking ticket when his vehicle clearly displays commercial plates, basically violating their own rules about commercial vehicles having 30 minutes to park and conduct their business. These tickets end up getting dismissed for the most part when he pleads not guilty and sends in a copy of the bill of lading to the parking violations bureau, but it’s still a royal pain in the rear and a waste of time having to dispute 5 to 10 of these in a week because they’re relentless and won’t let him conduct business without slapping him with a parking summons.

  • As a driver, good for them. I see it every day. people not paying attention to the road or fellow drivers cause there too busy yacking away on the cell phone. Let them pay. or put it away and pay attention instead.

  • While I think it is true that the city is very money hungry, there is a great danger in driving and talking on a cell phone at the same time. How many times have you seen people look like their arguing on the cell phone while there driving. You can also tell there not paying attention to the road or other motorists at these times. Is that really safe for the rest of us who are driving next to them? These cell phones have made people feel like they cant live a day with out missing a call or a text. Why cant people just stick to driving while there in the car, and just return the calls or texts when they get to where there going? Not every call is a life and death situation, but traffic accidents due to people talking and texting while driving is sure on the rise.

  • Seems like the only way to not get a traffic ticket in NYC is to not drive. Lately, they’re stopping people for everything and anything because the city is money hungry. Just scratching your nose while driving is probably an offense too. Welcome to the police state and new world order.


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