Traffic Lawyer Gets A Traffic Ticket (Part 5)

Part 4 in these series of blog posts was written back in October 2009.  There hasn’t been an update until now because we were able to get a court date 6 months out.  Well the delay paid off today as we were successful in getting my disobey traffic control device ticket dismissed.

I wish I could report that we got the dismissal due to an overwhelmingly convincing presentation of evidence, my real-time photographs or to a scathing cross examination of the officer.  The truth is that I didn’t even win the case.  One of my of counsel attorneys did, and he won for one simple reason … the officer wasn’t present.

While we’ve won other cases in more impressive ways, a win is a win.  Being successful at the Queens North Traffic Violations Bureau is not easy so I’ll most certainly take it.

Now if I can just beat my wife’s 6-point speeding ticket at 16 Cooper Street in Nassau County (sigh!).

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