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Jets Huddling Up Prior To Home Opener Against The Patriots
Jets Huddling Up Prior To Home Opener Against The Patriots

I have a secret.  I’ve kept it quiet for 5 weeks but can no longer contain myself.  I’ve been cheating on you, my readers.  Not another woman … rather another blog.  Since the beginning of the season, I have been blogging for NFL.com about the New York Jets.

I am a die-hard Jets fan and watch every game anyway. So, when the opportunity arose, I asked why not?

Anyway, I “come out of the closet” now because my most recent Jets post allowed me to call upon my knowledge of traffic law and speeding ticket.   In a post called “Edwards Brings Baggage“, I discussed the Jets’ recent trade acquisition Braylon Edwards including his lead-footed past.  Below is the post.

“I am as excited as any Jets fan about the acquisition of Braylon Edwards. In fact, I am too excited. I haven’t been this excited about a trade since the Mets got Gary Carter. In fact, I am already on record predicting that he will provide a huge boost to the Jets’ offense. With that said, we need to keep in mind that Edwards has a dark side that must be kept in check if he is going to reach his full potential for Gang Green.

In March 2009, Edwards was out drinking with Donte Stallworth (allegedly running up a $2,500 bar tab) the night of Stallworth’s tragic vehicular homicide in Miami. Stallworth ran over a 59-year old pedestrian with his Bentley. Surely, Edwards could have gotten involved in stopping his teammate from driving while intoxicated.

Last November, he was found guilty of speeding 120 mph. Now, when I am not blogging for the Jets, I run a law firm that fights traffic tickets throughout New York. I can tell you that out of the thousands of tickets we defend each year, we RARELY see someone with such a high speed. Such conduct shows immaturity, disrespect for the law and total disregard the safety of himself and others. Indeed, such a speed can be punishable with jail time, so don’t think of this as just a simple traffic violation.

Then just this week, Edwards was charged with punching a diminutive Edward Givens in downtown Cleveland during the early morning hours following the Browns’ overtime loss to Cincinnati. Givens is only 5-7 and 130 pounds so this was anything but a fair fight (allegedly instigated by Edwards) against the 6-3 and 215-pound Edwards. Givens is a friend of Cleveland Cavs star LeBron James and it has been said that Edwards was motivated by jealousy of LeBron’s stardom. Edwards has publicly spoken out about LeBron on a few occasions including chastising Lebron for wearing Dallas Cowboy garb at a Browns home game.

Jets fans, don’t be surprised if Commissioner Roger Goodell disciplines Edwards for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy for this incident. Indeed, don’t be surprised if a one- or two-game suspension is handed down.”

What do you think?  Pretty good for a traffic lawyer?

In any event, of the 1,000s of speeding tickets which my firm has defended, we’ve only had a handful as high as Braylon Edward’s 120 mph ticket.  It therefore makes me happy that the Jets can upgrade their wide receiving corps while at the same time bring to town a potential client.

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