Traffic Lawyer Gets A Traffic Ticket (Part 4)


IMG_2685 After waiting almost 30 days, I pled not guilty and got a court date as far away as possible.  I did very well by getting a March 2010 date.  The case will be 7 months old when it is first scheduled and I can “buy” another 3 to 5 months with just one adjournment.

With traffic tickets, time is on the side of the motorist.  The longer out you can get it, the better.  Officers’ memories fade, notes get lost, etc.

A funny thing about this incident is the amount of feedback that I have gotten from friends, family and clients.  There is a strong consensus that it is very comical that a traffic lawyer got a traffic ticket.  People I didn’t even know read my blog are coming up to me with big grins saying things like “I hope you know a good lawyer?” and “How could YOU get a ticket, don’t you know the traffic laws?”.

I guess overall I should thank the officer for issuing me the ticket.  Its given me great blogging material and got people talking.

Stay tuned in March for a further update.

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  • […] Traffic Lawyers Gets A Traffic Ticket (Part 4) ( […]

  • I once got a ticket for an illegal left turn onto Park Avenue from 125th Street which was postponed three times (overbooked courtroom, one adjournment on each side). The case was finally heard 15 months later and the police officer said, “The details of this case are in my log book from last year that I had to turn in to the department. I have no recollection of the incident.” The judge turned to me and said, “Good move. Case dismissed.” Nice!

    I recommend Weiss & Associates to anyone with a traffic ticket. They helped me out of several over a short time and I am still driving today due to their terrific work. I had to promise my Weiss associate not to get into any more trouble!
    Terrific group of advocates.

  • I’ve yet to meet someone who can outsmart Matt! 🙂 Looking forward to continuing reading in March Matt to see the conclusion. 🙂 Cheers -Deepak

  • After reading your “Lawyer gets a traffic ticket” which was dragged out, I thought I should let you know that a ticket I received 10 years old ago finally got me into court and the only reason why it did was because I contacted them to change my address. Even the prosecutor was on my side. Ticket was for 25 miles over the speed limit. Judge said “Dismissed in the interest of justice.”

  • Thanks for following my escapade Monica. As Nancy writes above, what appears to be misfortune can often be turned into a positive.

    In any event, there won’t anything new to report on this adventure until March. I promise to try and keep you’ll entertained in the interim.

  • following your traffic ticket escapade has been great, thanks for this!

    If I get another ticket maybe I’ll be able to get some fun out of it next time hahaha

  • Adversity contains two parts: crisis and opportunity.

    It’s how you turn crisis into opportunity that entertains and educates us all.

    Good work, counselor.

    Nancy Fox


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