Motorists Uses His GPS To Beat A Speeding Ticket

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Motorist Uses GPS To Beat A Speeding TicketA motorist received a speeding ticket for going 61/50 near Bristol Connecticut last year and insisted it was unwarranted.  At the time, the motorist a Navman Wireless GPS system which was tracking him and could tell him how fast he was going.  He obtained records from Navman which confirmed that he was only going 48 mph and then managed to get the director of Navman to testify as an expert at his traffic ticket trial (now that’s customer service!).

Navman’s director testified that its tracking system was excellent that day with 8 satellites locating the motorist’s vehicle from advantageous positions.  He added that its speed estimate of 48 mph was accurate within 3 meters.

The traffic court judge found the motorist “not guilty” finding the GPS results were more accurate than the officer’s speed gun.

Thanks to Brickhouse Blog for sharing this great traffic ticket story.

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